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2008 - 2009

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Life Sciences Student Services

Shauna C. Anderson, Assistant Dean
379-380 WIDB, (801) 422-3042

Admission to Life Sciences Preparation (Premajor Program)

The program has open enrollment.

The Discipline

This is a premajor program for students interested in biology or life sciences and haven't decided on a specific major. It will allow students to investigate the science classes and then move to a major in the college without losing time to graduation.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the services offered by the Life Sciences Student Services
  2. The preparation program in Life Sciences is designed to allow students to investigate the various majors offered by the college by describing the following for each major:
    1. the discipline
    2. student learning outcomes and assessments used to measure them
    3. courses required
    4. possible careers or post-graduate opportunities

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