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2008 - 2009

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BS in Mathematics (54 hours*)

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  1. Grades of C- or below will not be acceptable in major courses.
  2. Complete the following core requirements:
  3. Complete the following:

  4. Complete the following:

  5. Complete one of the following:

  6. With signed approval by a department advisor, select a minimum of three upper-division elective courses to form a coherent set with an identified educational goal.
  7. Complete an additional six hours from the following:

  8. Students who continue toward graduate work should complete:
  9. Those planning for doctoral work should also complete Math 451, 553, and 554 and are advised to gain competence in one or two languages from French, German, and Russian.
  10. Students are required to take the mathematics major field test the last semester before they graduate. The test is an ETS (Educational Testing Service) standardized assessment test of undergraduate mathematics. Go to ETS Major Field Tests for a test description and sample problems. A passing score is required. This test does not appear on the transcript or affect the GPA.
  11. Students must participate in an exit interview before graduation.

Recommended Courses

*Hours include courses that may fulfill university core requirements.

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