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To order a copy of either the BYU Undergraduate Catalog or the BYU Graduate Catalog, please contact Mail Services, Brigham Young University, 296 UPB, Provo, UT 84602-1930, telephone (801) 378-3658. Within the United States, a BYU Undergraduate Catalog mailed second class costs $10* and mailed first class costs $12.50*. A BYU Graduate Catalog mailed second class costs $8* and mailed first class costs $10.50*. These prices include postage and handling. VISA, MasterCard, check, or money order is accepted in payment. On campus, both catalogs can be purchased at the BYU Bookstore: $6 for the BYU Undergraduate Catalog and $5 for the BYU Graduate Catalog. The undergraduate and graduate catalogs, as well as the class schedules, are also available on the Web at http://ar.byu.edu/catalog/ugrad_catalog.html or through BYU's homepage, http://www.byu.edu, under publications.

*Subject to change.


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