Brigham Young University
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Church Board of Education and BYU Board of Trustees

Gordon B. Hinckley, Chairman
Thomas S. Monson, First Vice Chairman
James E. Faust, Second Vice Chairman
David B. Haight
M. Russell Ballard
Richard G. Scott
Robert D. Hales
Henry B. Eyring
Earl C. Tingey
Mary Ellen Smoot
Margaret D. Nadauld
Roger G. Christensen, Secretary

Office of the Church Commissioner of Education

Henry B. Eyring Commissioner—Church Educational System
Paul V. Johnson Administrator—Religious Education and Elementary and Secondary Education
Roger G. Christensen Administrator—Finance and Budgets

University Administrative Officers

Bateman, Merrill J. President
     Jenkins, Carri P. Assistant to the President—University Communications
     Griffith, Thomas B. Assistant to the President—General Counsel and Secretary
         Orme, Michael R. Associate General Counsel
         Thomas, David B. Associate General Counsel
     Gong, Gerrit W. Assistant to the President—Planning and Assessment
Wilkins, Alan L. Academic Vice President
     Jones, Stephen M. Assistant to the Academic Vice President—Teaching and Learning Support
     Williams, Richard N. Associate Academic Vice President—Faculty
     Hooper, Gary R. Associate Academic Vice President—Research and Graduate Studies
     Reynolds, Noel B. Associate Academic Vice President—Undergraduate Studies
Rogers, Sandra International Vice President
     Peterson, Erlend D. Associate International Vice President
Denna, Eric L. Vice President—Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
     Flanagan, J. Kelly Associate Vice President—Information Technology
     McDonald, Kelly C. Assistant Vice President—Information Technology
Brad W. Farnsworth Administrative Vice President
      Evans, Brian K. Associate Administrative Vice President—Finance
      Cozzens, Edwin Assistant Administrative Vice President—Physical Facilities
      Condie, R. Blair Assistant Administrative Vice President—Human Resource Services
      Hunt, David A. Assistant Administrative Vice President—Student Auxiliary Services
      White, Richard P. University Treasurer
Scharman, Janet S. Student Life Vice President
     Chapman, Ronald K. Associate Student Life Vice President
      Reed, H. Nolan Acting Dean of Students
Skousen, K. Fred Advancement Vice President
      Lewis, John C. Associate Advancement Vice President—Alumni and External Relations

Administrative Officers BYU—Hawaii Campus

Bateman, Merrill J. President of Brigham Young University and Chief Executive Officer
Shumway, Eric B. President
Roberts, Keith J. Vice President—Academics
Farnsworth, Brad W. Vice President
Evans, R. Kirk Vice President for Administrative Services
Griffith, Thomas B. Assistant Secretary and General Counsel
Kongaika, Isileli T. Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Student Life
Baker, V. Napua Vice President for University Advancement

Deans of Academic Units

Biology and Agriculture
    Dean R. Kent Crookston
       Associate Dean John D. Bell
       Associate Dean David L. Kooyman
       Assistant Dean Steven L. Taylor
Engineering and Technology
    Dean Douglas M. Chabries
       Associate Dean Richard W. Christiansen
       Associate Dean Jordan J. Cox
       Assistant Dean David K. Anthony
Family, Home, and Social Sciences
    Dean David B. Magleby
       Associate Dean Sally H. Barlow
       Associate Dean James M. Harper
       Associate Dean Rulon D. Pope
Fine Arts and Communications
    Dean K. Newell Dayley
       Associate Dean Robert T. Barrett
       Assistant Dean Scott M. Boyter
       Assistant Dean April Chabries
General and Honors Education
    Dean George S. Tate
       Associate Dean Kristine Hansen
       Associate Dean John Lamb
       Associate Dean J. Scott Miller
       Associate Dean Clark D. Webb
       Assistant Dean Carolyn Tuitupou
Graduate Studies
    Dean Bonnie Brinton
Health and Human Performance
    Dean Robert K. Conlee
       Associate Dean Thomas S. Catherall
       Associate Dean Sara Lee Gibb
    Dean Van C. Gessel
       Associate Dean Melvin J. Luthy
       Associate Dean David B. Paxman
       Associate Dean John R. Rosenberg
Law School
    Dean H. Reese Hansen
       Associate Dean J. Clifton Fleming
       Associate Dean Constance K. Lundberg
       Associate Dean Kathy D. Pullins
       Associate Dean Kevin J. Worthen
       Assistant Dean Carl Hernandez
       Assistant Dean Mary Hoagland
Marriott School of Management
    Dean Ned C. Hill
       Associate Dean W. Steve Albrecht
       Associate Dean Lee T. Perry
McKay School of Education
    Dean Robert S. Patterson
       Associate Dean Marie Tuttle
       Associate Dean K. Richard Young
    Dean Elaine S. Marshall
       Associate Dean Barbara Mandleco
       Associate Dean Rae Jeanne Memmott
       Associate Dean Mary Williams
Physical and Mathematical Sciences
    Dean Earl M. Woolley
       Associate Dean G. Rex Bryce
       Associate Dean Dana T. Griffen
Religious Education
    Dean Andrew C. Skinner
       Associate Dean Paul Y. Hoskisson
       Associate Dean Brent L. Top

Deans and Directors of Academic Support Services

Admissions and Records Student Academic and Advisement Services
    Dean, Acting Ford L. Stevenson
       Academic Advisement/Graduation Evaluation Director Raylene J. Hadley
       Admissions Counseling Director Tom M. Gourley
       Admissions Operations Director Eric S. Myers
       Financial Aid Director Norman B. Finlinson
       High School and College Relations Director R. Kirk Strong
       Registrar and Records/Registration Director Gene F. Priday
       Scholarship Director Stephen E. Hill
Continuing Education
    Dean Richard C. Eddy
       Associate Dean Kenneth W. Anderson
       Associate Dean Wayne J. Lott
David M. Kennedy Center
Institutional Assessment and Analysis
    Director Danny Olsen
Instructional Applications Services Director Monte F. Shelley
Instructional Technology Center Director Paul Hardin
    University Librarian
    Deputy University Librarian Randy J. Olsen
    Assistant University Librarian H. Julene Butler
    Assistant University Librarian Scott H. Duvall
    Assistant University Librarian Susan Fales
Research and Creative Activities, Office of Gary Reynolds
Student Life
    Acting Dean of Students H. Nolan Reed
       Associate Dean Lane Fischer

Chairs, Directors, or Coordinators of Instructional Units

Accountancy and Information Systems Boyd C. Randall
Aerospace Studies Col. Roger D. Maher
Ancient Scripture Daniel K. Judd
Anthropology Joel C. Janetski
Asian and Near Eastern Languages Dilworth B. Parkinson
Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology David McPherson
Business Management J. Michael Pinegar
Chemical Engineering W. Vincent Wilding
Chemistry and Biochemistry Francis R. Nordmeyer
Church History and Doctrine Paul H. Peterson
Civil and Environmental Engineering A. Woodrull Miller
Communications Michael K. Perkins
Computer Science Tony Martinez
Counseling and Career Center Ronald K. Chapman
Counseling Psychology and Special Education Ronald D. Bingham
Dance Lee Wakefield
Economics James McDonald
Educational Leadership and Foundations E. Vance Randall
Electrical and Computer Engineering Richard L. Frost
English John S. Tanner
Family Life James M. Harper
     Family Life and Home Economics Education Program Shirley R. Klein
     Marriage and Family Therapy Program Robert F. Stahmann
     Marriage, Family, and Human Development Program Craig H. Hart
French and Italian Cinzia B. Noble
Geography J. Matthew Shumway
Geology Bart J. Kowallis
Germanic and Slavic Languages Donald K. Jarvis
Health Science Gordon B. Lindsay
History Frank W. Fox
Humanities, Classics, and Comparative Literature Roger T. Macfarlane
Instructional Psychology and Technology Russell T. Osguthorpe
Integrative Biology Larry L. St. Clair
International and Area Studies
     Asian Studies George Perkins
     Latin American Studies George Handley
     Middle East Studies Dil Parkinson
Linguistics and Special Languages English Language Lynn E. Henrichsen
Mathematics Lynn E. Garner
Mathematics Education Gerald M. Armstrong
Mechanical Engineering Larry L. Howell
Microbiology and Molecular Biology Alan R. Harker
Military Science LTC Reid Grawe
Music David M. Randall
Nursing Elaine S. Marshall
Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science Lynn V. Ogden
Organizational Leadership and Strategy Michael P. Thompson
Philosophy Dennis Rasmussen
Physical Education Ruel M. Barker
Physiology and Developmental Biology Richard R. Tolman
Physics and Astronomy R. Steven Turley
Plant and Animal Sciences Von D. Jolley
Political Science Kelly Patterson
Psychology Erin D. Bigler
Recreation Management and Youth Leadership Brian J. Hill
Social Work Elaine Walton
Sociology Vaughn Call
Spanish and Portuguese J. Halvor Clegg
Statistics Howard B. Christensen
Teacher Education M. Winston Egan
Technology Thomas L. Erekson
     Construction Management Jay P. Christofferson
     Facilities Management Jeffery L. Campbell
     Industrial Design John F. Marshall
     Information Technology C. Richard G. Helps
     Manufacturing Engineering Technology Charles Harrell
     Technology Teacher Education Steven Shumway
Theatre and Media Arts Robert A. Nelson
Visual Arts Mark J. Johnson

Chairs or Directors of Professional Institutes and Programs

George W. Romney Institute of Public Management Robert J. Parsons
Institute of Marketing: Retail, Sales, and Services William D. Price
Master of Business Administration Henry J. Eyring
Master of Organizational Behavior Kate L. Kirkham
Peery Institute of Financial Services Robert Young

Coordinators or Directors of Academic Areas

Bachelor of General Studies Director Ellen Allred
Center for Language Studies Melvin J. Luthy
Jacobsen Center for Service and Learning James H. Backman
Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies Director Arnold H. Green
    Associate Director Garth A. Hanson
    Assistant Director—Administration Rex Bennion
BYU-California Center for Continuing Education Director Duane C. Lemley
BYU-Idaho Center for Continuing Education Director Ronald W. Campbell
BYU–Salt Lake Center for Continuing Education Director Lee J. Glines
CES Continuing Education Programs—North Director Gary L. Bauer
CES Continuing Education Programs—Utah/East Director Frank Santiago
CES Continuing Education Programs—South Director R. Neil Carlile
CES Continuing Education Youth and Family Programs Director Gregory M. Tanner
BYU Conference Center Spencer E. Hansen
Conferences and Workshops Director Steven W. Taggart
Evening Classes Director Ralph V. Larson
Independent Study Director R. Dwight Laws
Travel Study Director George J. Talbot

Advisement Centers

Biology and Agriculture Audrey L. Megerian
Engineering and Technology Pam Williamson
Family, Home, and Social Sciences Larry K. Taylor
Fine Arts and Communications Brenda Butterfield
Health and Human Performance Shirlene Hindmarsh
Humanities Mary Anne Rich
International and Area Studies Arlene Pritchard
Marriott School of Management Eldon Bott
McKay School of Education Linda D. Parker
Nursing Linda Stevens
Open Major Karen Evans
Physical and Mathematical Sciences Merle White

Preprofessional Advisement Personnel

Architecture Jay Newitt
Dentistry Don D. Bloxham
Law Eileen Crane
MBA Henry J. Eyring
MPA Lawrence C. Walters
MAcc Kristie K. Seawright
MOB Kate L. Kirkham
Medicine Don D. Bloxham
Veterinary Medicine Beverly L. Roeder
Dental Hygiene,
Physician Assistant,
Don D. Bloxham

Research Centers and Institutes

Advanced Combustion Engineering Research Center Thomas H. Fletcher
Agriculture Station R. Kent Crookston
Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum
    Director H. Duane Smith
    Assistant Director Douglas C. Cox
Ezra Taft Benson Agriculture and Food Institute Allen C. Christensen
Cancer Research Center Daniel L. Simmons
Center for eBusiness J. Owen Cherrington
Center for Entrepreneurship Donald H. Livingstone
Center for Instructional Design Scott L. Howell
Center for International Business Education and Research Kristie K. Seawright
Center for Statistical Research Dennis L. Eggett
Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling Robert S. Patterson
Center for the Study of Christian Values in Literature Jesse S. Crisler
    Associate Director John J. Murphy
Communications Research Center Daniel Stout
Comprehensive Clinic M. Gawain Wells
Computer-Aided Engineering, Design, and Manufacturing Center J. Brent Smith
Earth Science Museum Kenneth L. Stadtman
Family Studies Center D. Russell Crane
Human Performance Research Center Mark D. Ricard
Humanities Research Center Jerry W. Larson
Institute for the Study and Preservation of Ancient Religious Texts Daniel Oswald
International Center for Law and Religion Studies W. Cole Durham, Jr.
Jacobsen Center for Service and Learning
      Director James H. Backman
      Associate Director Jonathan K. Kau
Museum of Art Campbell B. Gray
Museum of Peoples and Cultures Marti Lu Allen
Charles Redd Center for Western Studies, Social Sciences Edward A. Geary
Religious Studies Center Andrew C. Skinner
Joseph Fielding Smith Institute for Church History Ronald K. Esplin
Women's Research Institute Bonnie Ballif-Spanvill
World Family Policy Center Richard G. Wilkins

Other Areas of Service

Academic Support Norman L. Roberts
Benefits/Employee Relations R. Blair Condie
Bookstore Roger L. Reynolds
Counseling and Career Services Ronald K. Chapman
Dining Services Dean A. Wright
Employment Services Don J. Brown
Faculty Center David Whetten
Honor Code Office Steven Baker
Housing and General Services Julie L. Franklin
ID Center Nancy Carson
International Student Support Enoc Flores
Men's Athletics Val Hale
Multicultural Student Services Vernan Heperi
Payroll Director Randall L. Morgan
Planning and Architecture Norman Faldmo
Publications & Graphics Norman A. Darais
Services for Students with Disabilities Paul Byrd
Student Activities Anne Rumsey
Student Health Center Rulon J. Barlow
University Police Larry A. Stott
Women's Athletics Elaine Michaelis
Women's Services and Resources LaNae Valentine

Chairs and Professorships

Some faculty members hold appointments at the university that are partially or fully supported through the generosity of private donors. These professorships recognize and support important scholarly contributions by the recipients in the various disciplines of the university. Chairs and professorships for faculty members within disciplines are noted in the departmental listing of faculty.

Maeser Professorships and Alcuin Fellows

Brigham Young University also encourages strong commitment by its faculty to undergraduate teaching, particularly in the university's General Education Program. The Karl G. Maeser Professorships, named for the spiritual architect of Brigham Young Academy and established in 1987, acknowledge truly outstanding efforts in the development and teaching of general education and honors courses balanced with serious and committed scholarship.

Alcuin Fellowships, established in 1986 and named for the founder of the court schools during the Carolingian renaissance of Charlemagne, acknowledge outstanding and innovative efforts in working with students within the university's general education and honors curriculum.

Karl G. Maeser Professors

College of Biology and Agriculture

Brown, Lora Beth, Food Science and Nutrition
Cates, Rex G., Botany and Range Sciences

College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

York, Neil L., History

College of Humanities

Geary, Edward A., English
Peer, Larry H., Humanities, Classics, and Comparative Literature

Alcuin Fellows

College of Biology and Agriculture

Busath, David D., Zoology
Jensen, James B., Microbiology
Roeder, Beverly L., Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Seegmiller, Robert E., Zoology

College of Engineering and Technology

Strong, A. Brent, School of Technology

College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Cannon, Brian Q., History
Scoresby, A. Lynn, Family Life

College of Fine Arts and Communications

Powley, E. Harrison III, Music

College of Humanities

Anderson, Travis T., Philosophy
Benfell, V. Stanley, Humanities, Classics, and Comparative Literature
Jarvis, Donald K., Germanic and Slavic Languages
Parry, Joseph D., Humanities, Classics, and Comparative Literature
Young, Bruce W., English
Zimmerman, Beverly, English

College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Keith, Jeffrey D., Geology
Moody, J. Ward, Physics and Astronomy
Shirts, Randall B., Chemistry and Biochemistry
Turley, R. Steven, Physics and Astronomy


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