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Brigham Young University Admissions


Application Process

Instructions for international applicants

Let us guide you through the steps of the application process. We encourage you get an early start—months before the deadline!

Start Your Online Application

Our application is available online at Our online form guides you through the application process, making it easy to know exactly what you need to submit and when you need to submit it. It also provides a status page so you know which parts of the application you still need to complete.

Complete Your Application

Submit all the parts of your application before the admission application deadlines.

Application Available

  • The application for summer/fall is available online beginning October 15

Application Deadlines 2013-2014

BYU will abide strictly by the deadlines listed below. If a student applies for a semester after the deadline has passed, he or she will be expected to apply for the next available semester.

Spring 2014 December 1, 2013 March 15, 2014
Summer 2014  December 1, 2013*  February 1, 2014  May 1, 2014
Fall 2014  December 1, 2013*  February 1, 2014  July 1, 2014
Winter 2014  —  October 1, 2013  November 15, 2013
All application materials must be postmarked prior to established deadlines. Faxed application materials will be accepted.   

NOTE: *Freshmen who complete their application by the priority deadline will receive extra consideration in the admission process and will also receive priority in the housing selection process. Housing priority is based on the completion date of the application.

Application Processing

Your application will be processed once your application status says complete.  A decision will be made within 4 weeks after the application deadline. 

Make sure you respond to any emails from the International Admissions Office as there may be additional information required in order for your application to be finalized.

After the student has been admitted, the following steps will need to be completed by the deadlines listed above under "Financial Deadlines":



  •  For more information on proving finances, please see the information under the Financial Requirements heading on the Acceptance Criteria page.

Form I-20

  • A Form I-20 is required for all international students desiring to enter the United States as full-time students. Form I-20 is created by the BYU International Student Services Office once the international student deposit is paid, the financial verification has been proven, and, if necessary, the I-20 transfer request form has been turned in.

Pay SEVIS I901 Fee

  • I-901 online at and pay the USD $200 fee at least 3 days prior your visa appointment or arriving at the U.S. border (Canadians).
  • To transfer an existing SEVIS I901 Fee, click here

Go to U.S. Embassy for F-1 VISA

  • You will have to schedule an appointment with the U.S. Embassy to receive your F-1 Visa.
  • Take the I-901 receipt of payment with you.
  • Canadian citizens do not need to apply for a visa, it is waived at the border

Arrive at School

  • You may enter the U.S. a maximum of 30 days prior the start of school as listed in part 5 on page one of your I-20.

Check-in with International Student Services

  • Be sure to check in with International Student Services (Room 1351 WSC) within the first week of school starting.

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