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Brigham Young University Admissions



Helping you prepare for BYU

Welcome to B4BYU!

BYU welcomes students from all over to visit our campus during the spring and summer terms. Have your BYU experience during the most exciting time of the year!

Please watch the videos above for some special messages from our award-winning acapella group, Vocal Point, and some of our church leaders about the importance of pursuing a college education. 

The BYU Experience

In a campus devotional, President Gordon B. Hinckley spoke of the BYU experience:

“The BYU experience? What is it? What is unique about attending this university in contrast with another?”

In his address, President Hinckley highlighted aspects of the BYU experience that for the most part are not found anywhere else.

"You have student wards and stakes... the beautiful Provo Temple... a unique and dedicated faculty to teach you... studies [that] will qualify you for your vocations... religion classes... [an opportunity to receive] a great sense of tolerance and respect for others... I hope that you will take from this university the habit of seeking knowledge and that this habit will never leave you for as long as you live."


We invite you to apply for admission and to learn more about BYU on b4BYU. There are four sections of our site organized by what prospective students ask us most: How do I get into BYU? How do I pay for BYU? Why attend BYU? & What do I do once I'm admitted? Check them out!

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